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The December 2005 Content Patch (patch 10) was added to Shadowbane on December 14th, 2005.

General Changes
  • Clicking on a gold stack in the Trade window now will not drag the item and will spit out an error message.
  • You must wait two seconds between trade attempts.
  • Chat color codes have been removed; this was done to fix a known chat exploit.
  • Fixed a client crash that was caused by using client side color codes.
  • Using a potion while sitting should no longer make your character stand up.
  • Added "Glass Weapons" to the Hot Zone and Epic Mob creature loot.
  • Fixed a pet exploit.
  • Fixed a flight exploit
PvP Experience Gains
  • Only Characters that are Level 40 or above can grant or gain experience from PvP combat.
  • Players in the same Nation or Guild will not yield experience gains.
  • While killing an errant character may yield experience, errant players themselves gain none from PvP combat.
  • Characters who have a Deathshroud effect prior to being killed will grant no experience gains.
  • If a player has been killed in the last 60 minutes by the same individual, they will yield no experience; this is for testing purposes only and will be increased during the course of testing.
  • Hot Zones will yield double experience gains during PvP combat.
  • If the character being rewarded is too far above the other one, though, experience gains will be minimal and could be even zero (0).
  • If the other character is too far above the rewarded character’s level, the gains will be capped.
City & Siege
  • Banestone hitpoints have been slightly increased.
  • Added the Battlefield Alliances system.
    • Battlefield Alliances allow guild leaders and inner council members to specify other nations as "allies" or "enemies." When you encounter members of ally and enemy guilds, they'll be explicitly marked as so, so it's easier to tell who to kill. There may be future benefits as well...
    • To view a list of ally and enemy nations, as well as a list of recommended nations, use the new "Battlefield Alliances" option under your guild menu.
    • To add a nation as an ally or enemy, a guild member must target a character from the nation he or she'd like to add, and either type "/recommend", select "Recommend" from the Target Context Window, or select "Recommend" from the Guild menu.
    • The Guild Leader and Inner Council members can accept or deny the recommendation from a third tab on the Battlefield Alliances Interface.
    • Once a nation is flagged as an ally or enemy, their status cannot be changed for at least another six (6) hours.
    • When a Nation is added as either an Ally or Enemy, a message is sent to both the the Guild *Channel (who added them as an Ally or Enemy) and to the Nation Channel for the Nation that was just added to the list.
    • Adding a Nation to the Battlefield Alliance list is not reciprocal; while Guild A may have Nation X as their enemy, Nation X can label Guild A as their Ally.
    • When a Nation is added to Battlefield Alliance list, their members will have a new designator under their name (either Ally or Enemy) and their name will be color coded in the game-world (red for Enemy, Blue for Ally); this does not alter the color of their name in the Selection Window that identifies their threat level.
Class Changes
  • The Confessor power Fortress of Faith's skill prerequisite has been changed from 115% Benediction to 115% Thaumaturgy.
  • The Confessor power Uvoriel's Judgement's casting time was reduced to 4 seconds.
  • The Confessor power Purgation's casting time was reduced to 4 seconds.
  • The Confessor power Sanction of the Temple's casting time was reduced to 2.5 seconds.
  • The Fury class's persistent area of effect powers, Call the Blizzard and Call Storm, have had their recast timers halved to 30 seconds.
  • The Fury power Dampen Rage is now instant cast, while its recast timer is now 35 seconds.
  • The Fury power Evil Eye is now instant cast, while its recast timer is now 5 seconds.
  • The Fury power Inflict Poison now not only inflicts poison, but a new, minor stamina drain.
  • For dispel purposes, the Wizard power Sign of Sorthoth's damage component is now flagged as "magic." In other words, you can now dispel it with any power that dispels "magic" effects.
Discipline Changes
  • The Strigoi power Feral Fury's wear off string should now correctly report the caster's name.

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