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While their appearance sets Half Giants apart from the rest of Humanity, they are hardly a race unto themselves. While the Aelfborn and Shades have recently shown the first hints of a new way of life unique unto themselves, Half Giants have yet to take even these tentative steps. Brutes are content to live out their lives alongside their Human kin, adopting the ways of the kingdom or tribe that gave them birth. Human attitudes towards Half Giants vary wildly, depending on the region. Among the Northmen, Half Giants are praised for their strength, and often rise to positions of prominence among the Barbarian Clans, while the Irydnu view them as unfortunate freaks and often drive them into exile or subjugate them into a life of endless menial labor.

Half Giants' immense strength and incredible toughness make them masters of the battlefield, and few Half Giants ever pursue any profession other than Warrior. The nimble dance of the Duelist or the Blade Master's stern discipline are beyond them - Half Giants simply wade into a fight, crushing and smashing everything that strays within their reach. In the Petty Kingdoms, most Lords and barons have at least one Half Giant to serve as their champion and enforcer, and it seems as if every Warlord is continually trying to recruit Half Giants into their army to form elite Half Giant units commonly known as "Brute Squads." While few can deny the impact a cadre of well-trained Half Giants can have on the course of a war, surrounding oneself with incredibly strong Warriors can prove dangerous. Most Half Giants are more arrogant than they are loyal, and seem to have, if anything, more ambition than the average Human. More than one Lord has found himself usurped by his trusted Champion, and many Commanders still remember the Iron Avalanche, a Half Giant military corps that ended up toppling the Kingdom of Sorwenfells and seizing it as their own, leaving it in ruins within a year.

While most Half Giants have gruff demeanors, some manage to escape the hateful rages that so many Brutes succumb to. Many Half Giants rise to positions of prominence, while some actually become heroes. There are loyal Half Giants willing to lend their strength to a worthy cause, and the stern Half Giant companion is a popular fixture of heroic ballads. Half Giants tend to gravitate to the fore in wars or quests, and always seem to be on hand when great deeds are done. Also, more than one Wizard has noticed that the number of Half Giant births seems to be rising steadily. Some Prelates believe that a Half Giant's stature is a product of destiny, not breeding, and that their strength is not the legacy of a Giant ancestor, but rather a gift from the All-Father and a sign of His favor. Half Giants, according to this view, have larger destinies to match their larger statures, and are born to play a crucial role in the History of the World. Few scholars give this idea any credence, although many Half Giant Lords and Dark Knights are understandably fond of it.

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