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Why do you interrupt my meditations? Can you not see that I am Archmagus, and have little time for the affairs of lesser beings? Away with you!

...So you persist? Bold indeed! Boldness arises from the Will, which is the key to all magic. Do you think you have the Will to achieve true mastery of magic, to join the order of the Archmagi? We shall see.

Know this: magic has always run in the veins of the Highborn, more strongly than any of the lesser races of Aerynth. We alone were dazzled by the starlight in the Age of Twilight, and we alone bathed in the mingled light of the Gold and Silver moons, basking in the glow of Intuition and of Wisdom. We alone heard the voice of Saedron, Keeper of Secrets, Arcane Queen of the Night. She taught us the Hidden Laws, and the Three Arts of Sorcery, Warding, and Wizardry, how to bend and the flow of Law and Chaos combining cosmic forces with wondrous results.

Ah, you tire of this lesson. Indeed, as you say, all this is widely known. How little the young respect the Wise, in this foul age! I sense the gift of Power within you -- it is the only reason I will tolerate your insolence. Indeed, insolence is born of Will. You must learn to master your Will, to nourish it; and then unleash it.

From the beginning the Archmagi have kept the secrets Saedron taught us. It was we who first formed the Conclave, though the steady infiltration of lesser minds has long since doomed it to failure. We taught the Conclave much, but not everything. Many ancient secrets have been lost to war, to calamity and cataclysm and the Meddling of the Tyrant God; but not all of them. Ours are the Litanies of Power, the keys to Tar Maegellor, the Path of Power.

I can teach you the meditations and litanies to unchain your Will, the Chant of Mastery that can keep a Wizard's mind focused against even the fiercest of blows, and all the Curses Saedron taught us. I see ambition in your eyes, Wizard. You long to join us?

We shall see if you are worthy.

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