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Most Elves believe that they are the most perfect of the Children of the World, and their arrogance knows no bounds. The Elves remember that they were the first to walk beneath the twilight, and try to ensure that no other race can forget it. Every Elf regards their culture and civilization as naturally superior, having matured for millennia before the other races were even born. Elves are creatures of passion, and tend towards the extreme in everything they do. Elvish songs are almost hypnotic in their intensity, their revels are unrestrained, their loves fierce, and their wars are grim and terrible. Lovers of wine, starlight, and music, Elves appreciate all forms of art, though their tastes tend toward the decadent.

The Twilight Kingdom once reached a pinnacle of refinement and advancement, but the Ages since have seen Elvish society grow corrupt and cruel. Grotesque magical experiments, torture, and debauchery became commonplace. Assured of their innate superiority to all of the so-called "Lesser Races," the Elves have, over the course of their long history, enslaved many and fought bitter wars of extermination against the rest. The grim outcome of the War of the Tears has fueled the resentment of the Elves even further, and most Elves today are bitter and spiteful.

Once the undisputed masters of the World, the Elves built mighty cities of alabaster, silver, and crystal, or dwelt in hidden glades at the heart of the great forests. Now their glorious towers have all been shattered or pulled down, and the forests dwindle as the kingdoms of Men expand. Their numbers decimated in the War of Tears, what few Elves remain are prone to melancholy, and wander as outcasts in the wild, far from the eyes of Men. The Sons of Men remain implacable in their suspicion and hatred of all Elves, and the Temple of the Cleansing Flame has proclaimed a perpetual crusade against all of Elvish blood. Their long lifespans and immortal beginnings leave most Elves unconcerned about the problems of the present or the immediate future, and Elves seem therefore easily distracted, lacking the focus to carry a project or an idea through to completion. Once an Elf becomes convinced of a course of action, however, their pride gives rise to an implacable resolve.

In the wake of the War of Tears, some Elves have been consumed with hatred for the Sons of Men, and are marshalling their forces for a renewal of that bitter conflict. Others, more fatalistic in their view, mourn the loss of their great empire and have decided that it is far better to outlive their enemies than engage them. Many of the oldest Elves have withdrawn from even Elvish company, vanishing into the wilds. Their destination and their plans, if any, remain a mystery.

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