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Chronicle Human


The Sons of Men, Heirs of the All-Father

Wrought by the hands of the All-Father, Humans claim to be His truest children, and the rightful rulers of the World. Through their long history, the Sons of Men have known nothing but strife and struggle. Humans are the most varied of the World's children, however, and their cleverness and adaptability ensure that Humans have survived and even thrived despite all adversity. Once the slaves of the great Elvish Empire, the Sons of Men threw off the yoke of their oppressors and have since built empires of their own. Inheritors of a world they barely understand, most other races consider the Humans the cause of the Turning, cursed with a hubris that far exceeds their wisdom. Strife remains a way of life among Men, and some believe the constant warfare that plagues their petty kingdoms will eventually lead to the destruction of our World. The truth or falsehood of these claims has never been determined, but even among Men the argument rages on.

Human Runestone
Available Base Classes


Available Classes

Discipline Locations

Born of the Ethyri

Born of the Taripontor

Born of the Gwendannen

Born of the Invorri

Born of the Irydnu

Starting Attributes

Training Points Cost: 0
Health Bonus: 0
Mana Bonus: 25
Stamina Bonus: 70
Height: 5'8" - 6'11" (Male) / 5'4" - 6'11" (Female)
Walk Speed (combat / non-combat): 6.88 / 4.69
Run Speed (combat / non-combat): 15.52 / 15.52

Statistic Distribution

Granted: 40 Base Strength / 100 Max Strength
Granted: 40 Base Dexterity / 100 Max Dexterity
Granted: 40 Base Constitution / 100 Max Constitution
Granted: 40 Base Intelligence / 100 Max Intelligence
Granted: 40 Base Spirit / 100 Max Spirit

Racial Abilities

Granted: an extra Training point per level up to level 59
Level 1: Granted +20 bonus Ability points (after first login)

Bloodline (Sub-Race) Runes

In the Rise of the Upstart Gods 2.5 Patch, April 2004, five human sub-race runes ("Bloodline Runes") were added to the game. These can be taken at character creation or can be obtained from droppers ingame.

Born of the Ethyri

The blood of ancient Ethyria runs in your veins. Blessed above all other Human kindred by the All-Father, you have inherited their renowned piety and resolve.
Costs 10 stat points to apply

Grants: +5 Spirit / +10 Maximum Spirit
Grants: Mana Regeneration +10%

Born of the Taripontor

The blood of the Taripontor flows in your veins. The sailors and master-smiths of Tariponto have ever been renowned for their guile and skill, and you share their agility.
Costs 10 stat points to apply

Grants: +5 Dexterity / +10 Maximum Dexterity
Grants: Stamina Regeneration +10%

Born of the Gwendannen

The blood of the Gwendannen flows true in your veins. Like the Hill-men of old you are doughty and tough, as sturdy as stones and tough as deep tree roots.
Costs 10 stat points to apply

Grants: +5 Constitution / +10 Maximum Constitution
Grants: Stamina Regeneration +10%

Born of the Invorri

The blood of the Invorri, Torvald's folk, flows strongly in your veins, bringing with it the strength and toughness of your Northmen ancestors.
Costs 10 stat points to apply

Grants: +5 Strength / +10 Maximum Strength
Grants: Health Regeneration +10%

Born of the Irydnu

The blood of the Sage-kings of Irydnu flows in your veins. Dark-skinned lords of distant lands, the Irydnu are renowned for their intellects and mastery of the magical arts.
Costs 10 stat points to apply

Grants: +5 Intelligence / +10 Maximum Intelligence
Grants: Mana Regeneration +10%

Available Charter Types

Note: Applies only to the Saedron server.

Patch History


  • Humans are now granted an additional 20 ability points.
  • Bloodline runes now drop ingame from specific mobs.


  • Added Human Bloodline (or Sub-Race) Runestones to Character Creation and the Bloodmage Vendor.
  • Humans will be granted an extra skill point per level.

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