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Chronicle Shade


The Pale Ones, Born of Darkness

Shade Runestone
Available Base Classes


Available Classes

Denounced as perversions and abominations by the Temple of the Cleansing Flame, strange beings known as Shades are feared throughout the lands of Men. Debate still rages over the true nature of these beings, who seem Human, yet are afflicted with a sinister taint that warps their bodies and poisons their souls. Often called the "Children of the Damned," Shades are born to Human parents, normal but for their bizarre appearance. A Shade's skin is ashen grey and cold to the touch, and their pupil-less eyes are as black as coals. No one knows why Shades walk among us, but the cause is finally becoming clear - when a Human father dies while his child is yet unborn, there is a chance - but not a certain one - that the child will be born a Shade. There are no accounts of such births before the Turning. The pallid visage and detached demeanor of the Shades has given rise to countless rumors and stories that link them to the Undead, and few of any race have grown to trust the Pale Ones.

Starting Attributes

Ability Point Cost: 10
Health Bonus: 0
Mana Bonus: 30
Stamina Bonus: 70
Height: 5'9" - 6'9" (Male) / 5'5" - 6'5" (Female)
Walk Speed (combat / non-combat): 6.88 / 4.69
Run Speed (combat / non-combat): 15.52 / 15.52

Statistic Distribution

Granted: 40 Base Strength / 90 Max Strength
Granted: 50 Base Dexterity / 115 Max Dexterity
Granted: 40 Base Constitution / 95 Max Constitution
Granted: 45 Base Intelligence / 110 Max Intelligence
Granted: 30 Base Spirit / 90 Max Spirit

Racial Abilities

Poison Resistance: +10%
Unholy Resistance: +5%
Holy Resistance: -20%
Can See Invisible (power rank 15 and below)
Immune to Blind


Hide's Power Cameo "Personal Invisibility - Clears Mobile Aggro" Power Rank: 1 (Novice)
Granted: Level 2
Focus Skill: None
Stamina Cost: 25
Casting Time: 12.4 to 0.0 seconds (at power ranks 1 to 40).
Recycle Time: 10.0 seconds
Requirements: Player must not be moving.
Mode Required: Non-Combat
Requires Roll to hit: No
Target and Range: Self/No target
Duration: 630 to 1800 seconds(1 - 40)
Grants Immobile Invisibility.
Stackability: Cannot be stacked with other effects of type invisible.

Available Charter Types

Note: Applies only to the Saedron server.

Patch History


  • Adjusted Shades for +5 Unholy Resist.


  • Shades are now immune to "Blind".


  • Shades now get 1 free point of Hide at level 2.


  • The Shade Witchsight effect no longer has an effect icon.

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