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Chronicle Half-Giant


The Brutes, Pillars of Strength

Half-Giant Runestone
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Available Classes

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Bounty Hunter
Dark Knight
Rune Caster
Storm Lord

While technically a misnomer, the name "half giant" is certainly appropriate, for these massive Men stand half again the height of an average Human. Half Giants are not the direct offspring of a Human and a Giant, but rather Men with a touch of Giant blood in their heritage, left over from the bitter wars between the Giants and Northmen before the Age of Kings. Rare in the extreme, this blood will occasionally show true in the newly born Human males, who quickly grow to massive proportions and become nearly as strong as their namesakes. Blessed with matchless strength and endurance, Half Giants are terrors on the battlefield. Some of the greatest Kings and Warriors have claimed that Giant's blood has enriched their line, and songs abound with references to Giant-born Warriors who become heroes.

Starting Attributes

Ability Points Cost: 10
Health Bonus: 20
Mana Bonus: 5
Stamina Bonus: 70
Height: 7'1" - 8'10" (Male) / 7'0" - 8'0" (Female)
Walk Speed (combat / non-combat): 6.88 / 4.69
Run Speed (combat / non-combat): 15.52 / 15.52

Statistic Distribution

Granted: 60 Base Strength / 150 Max Strength
Granted: 40 Base Dexterity / 65 Max Dexterity
Granted: 60 Base Constitution / 140 Max Constitution
Granted: 30 Base Intelligence / 85 Max Intelligence
Granted: 30 Base Spirit / 60 Max Spirit

Racial Abilities

Cold Resistance: +10%
Fire Resistance: -5%
Level 1: Granted Skill Athletics
Level 1: Granted Skill Toughness
Level 1: Granted Skill Bonus Axe: +10 point bonus (but skill is not granted)
Level 1: Granted Skill Bonus Hammer: +10 point bonus (but skill is not granted)
Level 1: Granted Skill Bonus Great Axe: +10 point bonus (but skill is not granted)
Level 1: Granted Skill Bonus Great Sword: +10 point bonus (but skill is not granted)
Level 1: Granted Skill Bonus Great Hammer: +10 point bonus (but skill is not granted)

Violent Rage

Violent Rage's Power Cameo "Personal Powerblock and Stun Immunity"

Granted: Level 1
Focus Skill: None
Flagged As: Skill (does not cancel effects which are cancelled by spellcasting).
Stamina Cost: 10
Casting Time: .02 Seconds
Recycle Time: 600 Seconds
Requirements: None
Requires Roll to hit: No
Target and Range: Self/No target
Duration: 60 seconds

  • Grants Personal Stun Immunity.
  • Grants Personal Powerblock Immunity.

Available Charter Types

Note: Applies only to the Saedron server

Patch History

Jan 7, 2009

  • Removed the Strength, Damage and Weapon Speed buff component of "Violent Rage"


  • Violent Rage; Is now a Skill and can be cast while in Wereform or while stealthed.


  • Adjusted the following attributes: Maximum Strength to 150 (was 140), Base Dexterity to 40 (was 30), Maximum Dexterity to 65 (was 75), Base Constitution to 60 (was 50), Maximum Constitution to 140 (was 130), Base Spirit to 30 (was 35), Maximum Spirit to 60 (was 80).
  • Changed the racial power Undaunted to Violent Rage; .02 casting time, 60 seconds duration, a 600 second recycle timer, and costs 10 Stamina to cast. Violent Rage grants a stackable +25 STR, -15% Attack Speed, +15% Melee Damage buff, and cannot be stunned or powerblocked during the duration of the Rage.
  • Health Bonus was increased from 10 to 20.
  • Granted the Toughness Skill at Level 1.



  • Increased the Half-Giants' maximum intelligence to 85 and their cold resistance to +10
  • All Half-Giants are now granted Athletics at Level 10


  • Female Half-Giants have been added to Character Creation.

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