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Chronicle Minotaur


The Beast Men, Terrors from the North

Born of sorcery and bred for combat, the strength of these half-breed Giants is matched only by their brutality. Originally created in the frigid Northlands, the Minotaurs served as shock troops of the Deathless Empire, but have since broken away from their Elvish masters and carved out domains of their own. Driven by their abject hatred of all the World's children, the Minotaurs have fought legendary wars against the Elves that made them, the hardy Northmen, and the Centaurs of the plains. Where once raiding parties of Minotaurs were feared throughout the World, these bitter wars greatly thinned their numbers, and in the days since the Turning the Minotaurs have rarely been seen in the lands of Men. More Beast than Man, the bull-headed Minotaurs are terrible to behold, and their incredible strength and stamina make them even more terrifying in battle.

Minotaur Runestone
Available Base Classes


Available Classes

Starting Attributes

Creation Cost: 15
Health Bonus: 20
Mana Bonus: 0
Stamina Bonus: 70
Height: 6'10" - 8'7"
Walk Speed (combat / non-combat): 7.37 / 4.68
Run Speed (combat / non-combat): 16.62 / 16.62

Statistic Distribution

Granted: 75 Base Strength / 170 Max Strength
Granted: 25 Base Dexterity / 70 Max Dexterity
Granted: 70 Base Constitution / 140 Max Constitution
Granted: 25 Base Intelligence / 65 Max Intelligence
Granted: 25 Base Spirit / 65 Max Spirit

Racial Abilities

  • Immunity to Stuns
  • Movement Speed: +10%
  • Granted Toughness Skill
  • Improved Health Recovery
  • Pole Arm Skill: +10
  • Physical Resistances: +5%
  • Cold Resistance: +15%
  • Mental Resistance: -15%
  • Poison Resistance: -15%
  • Cannot Equip Boots
  • Cannot Equip Helmets

Special Equipment

Available Charter Types

Note: Applies only to the Saedron server

Patch History


  • Decreased the Creation Cost on Minotaurs by 5 Creation Points.


  • New Minotaur only Heavy Armor should now be available and only on Heavy armorers.
  • All Minotaurs now get 'Toughness'.


  • A white Minotaur skin option has been added to character creation.
  • Minotaurs can no longer wear Infernal Cloth Boots.

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