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Map of Hethland, Kralgaar, and Ragnir Holms
Mighty and fierce, the Invorri thrive in this cold, bleak land, secure in their great halls. The Northmen share their lands with many fierce beasts, and life here is a constant battle against monsters and the elements.
- The Holms

Hethland Holm, Kralgaar Holm, and Ragnir Holm are mountain-themed zones that are home to a large NPC city of discipline trainers, located on Vorringheim. Hethland Holm is located in the south central region, west of Jotensgaard (and, on the Saedron Server, northwest of Dar Khelegur Keep). Kralgaar Holm is located in the west central region, southwest of The Aerie and Aelarnost (and, on the Saedron Server, north of Zhentil Keep). Finally, Ragnir Holm, known as Ragnir Peaks, is located in the north central region, west of Ecklund Wilds and north of Brakkolumbir.

These zones are recommended for players level 30 to 50.


Discipline Runes

  • Storm Lord: Grendohl
    • Hethland: 46033 x 67801
    • Kralgaar: 40145 x 77017
    • Ragnir: 53457 x 79577
  • Werewolf: Lord Valtyr the Wulfhednar
    • Hethland: 45800 x 68200
    • Kralgaar: 39946 x 77441
    • Ragnir: 53258 x 80001
  • Wyrmslayer: Bolthorn the Rime Drake
    • Hethland: 46400 x 68100
    • Kralgaar: 40600 x 77300
    • Ragnir: 53869 x 79859
  • Forge Master: Halfdan the Black
    • Kralgaar Holm: 41405 x 77212


Master of Great Axes
Master of Great Hammers



Resource Mine Products


Microzone Listing

  • 1: Volgarth Holm (NPC City)
    • Discipline trainers: Archer, Berserker, Blood Horn, Bounty Hunter, Commander, Forge Master, Giant Killer, Huntsman, Rune Caster, Storm Lord, Traveler, Valkyr, Werebear, Werewolf, Wyrmslayer.
    • This microzone also contains a R7 Invorri Builder (111986, 55561)
  • 2: Bearkin Steading (R3)
  • 3: Burial Mound (R4)
  • 4: Bear Cave (R2-R3)
  • 5: Fallen Kirk (R4)
  • 6: Wulfhednar Vale (Werewolf, R3, R4)
  • 7: Wyrd Stones (Storm Lord, R4)
  • 8: Vale of the Cold Drake (Wyrmslayer, R3)
  • 9: Frost Henge (Forge Master, R2-R4)
  • 10: Blades of the North (R4)
  • 11: Bearkin Fort (R3, R4)
  • 12: Troll Lair
  • 13: Grendohls Lair (R2, R3)
  • 14: Single Spawn (R4 Giant Cave Troll)
  • 15: Wintry Campfire (R3)
  • 16: Rough Forge (No mobs)
    • Discipline trainers: Enchantress, Forge Master.
  • 17: Frost Giant Steading (R3-R4)
  • 18: Longship Wrecks (R4)
  • 19: Icy Vale (R3, R4)
  • 20: Ore Mine
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