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Chronicle Centaur


The Horselords, Masters of the Plains

Proud and strong, the Centaurs are among the oldest of the peoples of the World, and their kingdoms still stretch across the heart of the plains, little changed from the nations they built in the first Age of the World. Nobility and honor shine in the eyes of every Centaur, and it is said that the deeds of ancient Centaur heroes were the inspiration for the High King's conception of chivalry and the Code. Ages of war and strife have thinned the numbers of these mighty beings, but great Cohorts still ride to crusade from the depths of the plains. The children of Kenaryn the Hunter, Centaurs have inherited their father's sense of duty, and rarely feel content, even in times of tranquility. Centaur Warriors are always galloping away to chase the winds and hunt the enemies of the World. It is said that the Centaurs were the first to teach the ways of Law and War to the Sons of Men, and the Horse Princes are still strong allies of Humankind. Their feuds with the Elves are legendary, going back Ages to the time when the Beast Lords walked the World. Swift of hoof, true to their word and strong in battle, Centaurs are worthy allies and deadly adversaries.

Centaur Runestone
Available Base Classes


Available Classes

Starting Attributes

Creation Cost: 10
Health Bonus: 5
Mana Bonus: 15
Stamina Bonus: 70
Height: 6'9" - 8'6" (Male) / 6'9" - 8'6" (Female)
Walk Speed (combat / non-combat): 6.17 / 6.17
Run Speed (combat / non-combat): 21.54 / 21.54

Statistic Distribution

Granted: 45 Base Strength / 110 Max Strength
Granted: 35 Base Dexterity / 85 Max Dexterity
Granted: 55 Base Constitution / 125 Max Constitution
Granted: 35 Base Intelligence / 85 Max Intelligence
Granted: 50 Base Spirit / 105 Max Spirit

Racial Abilities

  • Advanced Natural Movement Speed
  • Granted Skill: Spear
  • Spear Skill +10
  • Unholy Resistance -15%

Racial Armor

Available Charter Types

Note: Applies only to Loreplay servers

Patch History


  • Returned the 'of the Windlords' suffix to all Centaur Boots.
  • Centaurs' natural speed has been reduced by about 5%.
  • Decreased the Creation Cost on Centaurs by 5 Creation Points.


  • Slightly increased the Centaur's base Run Speed.


  • Adjusted Centaurs for -5 Unholy Resist.


  • Centaur armor can no longer be created with the magical property of "Windlords".

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