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Damage refers to a negative modification to a player's health, stamina, or mana. Damage to health is represented in real time, following the event of taking damage by overhead floating red digits for personal damage, orange digits for damage to a group member, and yellow digits for damage to any other party. Damage to stamina and mana will only be indicated via system channels.


Damage Types

Direct Damage

Direct damage is damage that bypasses fortitudes and will do the same amount of damage wheather the player is sitting or not. All drains and procs are direct damage.

Physical Damage

Combat using physical damage is often refered to as melee combat since all weapons inflict one of these three types of damage, however, a few spells may use these aslo. Physical damage is the most resisted type of damage because all armor except cloth will offer some resistance to it and all mages can choose to train Shielding, which offers protection from 10.25 to 30 percent of physical damage. Also some classes receive a damage absorber, which will cap off physical resistances for a short period of time. There are three physical damage types:

  • Crushing, caused by hammers or staffs
  • Piercing, caused by spears, bows, crossbows, some types of axes, or daggers
  • Slashing, caused by swords, pole arms, or most axes

Power Damage

Power damage is caused mostly by spells casted by the player. With the widest range of varying types, aside from the Mage's Defensive stance, players will have a difficult time being resistant to all of them at once. Like physical damage types, the cap for resistance to spells is 75%, but there is no limit to how far in the negative a player may become exposed. The following are the power damage types.

Siege Damage

Siege damage is a type of damage that may only effect buildings and other structures. The Battle Magus power Demolishing Spell is the only player spell that uses siege damage, however, players may also inflict siege damage by the use of a siege engine such as a trebuchet or in the medium of weapons using a siege hammer, bow, or staff. All pets automatically inflict siege damage when attacking bane stones, but may not damage other structures.


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