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Mana, also known as MP, is a measure of how much spell casting endurance a character has. Mana is represented on the Shadowbane GUI as a blue bar that will diminish when a character spends mana points. If mana is reduced to zero, the character will no longer be able to cast any spells costing mana. Additionally, spells will cost more mana while the caster is flying.


Mana will recover slowly on its own, and unlike stamina, will recover while airborne. The speed at which it recovers can be modified by enchantments to armor or jewelry, and by buffs. Mana can also be restored if one drains mana from another character with means such as a Doomsayer's "Vel'khev's Kiss", or by use of a mana-restoring potion. A Confessor's "Blessed Zeal" is a personal conversion spell that converts his health to mana. Spell cost can also be directly reduced with a Necromancer's "Embrace The Void" power.


If someone is out of mana or close to it, he may exclaim, "OOM!", which stands for "out of mana".

Increasing Maximum Mana

Mana can be increased in a number of ways:

  • By receiving a stat bonus from gaining a level or promoting to another class.
  • By increasing one's spirit attribute.
  • By wearing mana-increasing jewelry or armor.
  • Temporarily, by receiving a spirit buff.