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Patch notes for Shadowbane v1.0.4.1 which was launched on April 29th, 2003.

  • The Hillman in Connauch Village will now aggro
  • There is now a proper default HUD layout for the 1152 X 864 resolution setting
  • Griffons will now "slope hug"
  • Bounty Hunters will now provide their proper introduction and dialog
  • The Dark Knight power Dark Curse no longer checks "to-hit" but now has a 10 second recycle time
  • Bhalalar warriors are now using more appropriate shields.
  • Pre-reqs for Confessor's 'Purgation', 'Visage of Purity', Warlock's 'Calm', 'Danger Sense', and Wizard's 'Translocation' have been lowered.
  • The Channeler Spell 'Blizzard' and the Fury spell 'Call the Blizzard' have had their particle effects toned down
  • Mouseover descriptions for 'mes' type spells will now explicitly point out that they only affect monsters.
  • Grathol is now the alpha basilisk in his pack rather than the runt
  • Barbarians no longer have any skill prerequisites to acquire the Throwing skill - they all gain it at level 20.
  • The Healer spell 'Prayer of Mending' (group heal) now has a lower pre-req
  • All detrimental AOE's have been checked to make sure the caster has been excluded.
  • All faith based detrimental AOE's now exclude the casters group.
  • Weapon bleed powers have been buffed slightly
  • Removed the mana cost for 'Surpass Limits'
  • Psychic Healing' now has a 12 second recycle time
  • Benediction of Rejuvenation' and 'Sacred Rejuvenation' should now increase in mana cost appropriately as they are trained
  • Sun Dancer and Gladiator trainers will now train Unarmed Combat Skill
  • Stun immunity applied for all stuns now last three times as long as the stun (used to be twice as long).
  • Runemasters in large safeholds can now subguild. This puts the Herald in Khar out of job and so he's been removed.
  • The Bard song 'Dance of Darrac the Dauntless' is now granted at Grand Master level
  • The Berserker rune has been removed from the game and will no longer drop as treasure.
  • The Barbarian power 'Shout' no longer checks "to-hit" and will now always land. However, the stamina cost and recycle time for this power have been slightly increased.
  • Rogues now get Staff powers, Huntresses now get Axe powers and Templars now get Pole Arm powers
  • Equipment that mobiles wear will now be more damaged when dropped.
  • Player-owned sages should now sell the goodies they create.
  • You may no longer invite someone to a group if either party is in combat mode.
  • Training hud will display base skill (instead of, say, skill as altered by armor dex penalty)
  • Pets in safe zones will cease to attempt to repeatedly attack unattackable targets, spamming everyone around them.
  • Monsters will be less confused if they are stunned before they even make contact.
  • New cities should start to appear in a timely manner on the world map.
  • Maintenance timer displays should now be based upon your clock's local time instead of GMT.
  • Rogue barbarians will once again be able to use hammers.

  • Fixed a number of floating building problems
  • The Undead Hunter Discipline Rune is now dropping
  • Fixed a number of typos and spelling errors for NPC names, titles and dialogs
  • Fixed the outfits for a number of NPCs that were missing shoes, sleeves, etc.
  • Fixed a problem where powers with quick cast times could cause an "infinite" casting animation loop
  • Fixed a few mobs that weren't assisting when called by friends
  • Fixed the mouseover descriptions for chants to better indicate that they are indeed chants
  • Fixed a number of zones where NPC's were immediately respawning
  • Fixed a couple of instances of guards whacking at each other.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing players from joining guilds or safehold cities.

  • Archer rune now grants crossbow users powers comparable to those granted for bow users. The new powers are called Fusillade and Thread the Needle, and will be made available to Archery Rune holders who also have Crossbow at 80%. These powers should be exactly the same in functionality as Rapid Shot and Precision (the bow equivalents).
  • Bards have gotten a number of improvements. Bards now get Sword and Staff Mastery. Hate values associated with recovery chants have been reduced. Durations for Attribute buffs have been fixed. Effects for group Attribute buffs have been improved. Mana cost for chants have been removed.
  • Stamina cost for various weapon powers have been retuned to be more appropriate based on the weapon's speed (for example, stamina cost for daggers has been reduced as daggers are faster weapons)
  • Storm Lords now get a skill called "Stormcalling" which is the focus skill for their powers.
  • Blood Prophets now get a skill called "Flamecalling" which is the focus for their powers
  • The focus skills for Storm Lords and Blood Prophets are automatically granted with a 35 point bonus for anyone that owns or applies these disciplines and the discipline trainers now train these skills as well.
  • Runemasters will now sell fixed warrants
  • The Channeler spells 'Ignite' and 'Incendiary Blast' now have particle effects
  • Weapon powers now have distinctive particle effects depending on the type of debuff in the power
  • Longblades can now be found as treasure.
  • Blessing of Strength has nuke particle effects

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