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Patch notes for Shadowbane v1.0.5.4 which was launched on May 13th, 2003.

  • Construction times have been reduced with higher ranked assets and hirelings.
  • Stun powers will no longer interrupt your spells if you are currently in the stun immunity period of a previous stun.
  • Users can now 'ESCAPE' from 'Attempting to Login' screen
  • Cities will see upkeep costs reduced
  • Double clicking the thief trainer should now show the 'done' button
  • Items dropped on the ground in buildings should now decay
  • Sheathed weapons should no longer have collision set to 'on'
  • Found and corrected a Tree of Life Auto-Destruction Bug!
  • Fixed a Real-Time Guild Info reporting problem with the Chronicle of Strife
  • Fixed several issues surrounding sb.exe errors during Events
  • Found and fixed some gold 'deposit' dupes related to strong boxes.
  • Many archery powers should now work with the crossbow equipped.
  • Fixed several PC Client crashes
  • Fixed numerous OSX Client Crashes
  • Fixed some Login Server issues
  • Corrected a severe Client Memory Leak
  • Performed some graphical fixes
  • Junktown in Swampstone no longer overlaps the Lizard ruins
  • Minotaur Ancient should not spawn inside a pillar now
  • Low level mobs should no longer have high level armor.
  • Fixed Rare NPC deeds that were including bad shieldsmiths
  • Bandits in Bandit wetland were spawning in water
  • Bowyer in King's Cross was standing in feed store
  • Leatherworker in King's Cross was in bookstore
  • Players should no longer get stuck while teleporting.
  • All HUDs should now update dynamically
  • Guild invite/reject messages should now be shown
  • Beta players should be able to import their old hotkeys
  • Scroll bar should now function in ranger 'track' dialogue
  • Fixed an issue with GeForce 4 cards that displayed Magenta HUD border
  • Can now use scroll bar inside guild promote/demote window.
  • The key binding will no longer get locked when assigned too many keys
  • Sage created scepters will now show up in buy menu
  • Error message will now display when transferring items from bank to inventory when inventory is full
  • City Description should now remain in UI after server shutdown/crash
  • Fixed a crash related to DirectSound Buffer
  • Sub-Guild list should show more than 10 guild entries at a time
  • The names and health bar in the small group HUD should not dim when transparent.
  • It is no longer possible to get stuck while floating in the air
  • Fixed some Game Server Crashes on Mourning, Deception, and War.
  • Fixed a crash from activating the Amazon guild charter
  • Fixed some Character file corruptions
  • Closed an exploit allowing thieves to 'steal' in Safeholds
  • Players should no longer get disconnected from their accounts when they select 'Leave World'.
  • Players can no longer force other players to sit using exploits
  • Sub-guilds will no longer be listed as a province in a Nation's sub-guild list after losing TOL
  • Several deeds were missing from rank 7 stewards, this should be fixed
  • Vendor Production Slots are no longer limited to 2 despite their rank because of scroll bar, this is now fixed.
  • Guilds can now place a new TOL after their first TOL is destroyed
  • Guild leader's heraldry should now properly update
  • The $&?@ Profanity Filter should be working properly now
  • We are adding powers for thrown weapon mastery
  • Merchants will now account for item damage (durability) when listing items for sell
  • Vorringard: Lots of refurnishing and fixes.
  • Enabled the Nvidia meshcache option

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