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Ever since mortals first peered into the dark voids beyond the world, there have been those who have longed to serve the baleful powers that brood and hunger Outside. Whereas some were content to walk the path of the Necromancer, studying the Black and making pacts with its denizens, there are a few who go even farther, renouncing the Gods of Aerynth and giving themselves over to the Void, body and soul.

Dark rituals consign the bodies of these wicked fiends to death, while their souls are drained away to feed the hunger of the Void. The mind remains, wiped clean of any memory of its previous life, but full of cunning and hate. Unnatural strength and vigor fill their limbs, and their flesh turns pale and hard as alabaster. Thus the old flesh dies, and a Vampire, chosen general of Oblivion, is born.

Vampires are blessed with unnatural strength and dead flesh that can withstand the mightiest of blows. But their dark powers come at a great cost: they must consume their own vitality to use their dark gifts, and they are cursed with a ravenous thirst for blood. Darkness incarnate, Vampires walk upon Aerynth as the eyes and ears of the Void, working tirelessly to bring about the Final Darkness, when the Void will greedily consume all that lives.

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