The Dark Lords

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Beyond the Void and the Walls of the Universe lays the infinite expanse of Chaos, where all of the substances and elements known to the Wise (and many that remain unknown) froth and fester, mixing in an endless stew where nothing has a fixed or stable form. Few Magi have proven able to magically find their way Outside into Chaos, and fewer still have returned with their minds and bodies intact. As strange and horrible as Chaos may be, the things that inhabit it are stranger still. Terrible Demons roam the formless void of Chaos, seething with hatred for Aerynth and all her children.

Primal spirits of Chaos, the Dark Lords are the twisted monarchs of the realm Outside, ruling over the teeming Demons through raw strength, magical power, and sheer terror. More powerful than the Archons, the Dark Lords led the invasion of Aerynth that scholars remember as the War of the Scourge. Only Shadowbane and the strength of the All-Father have ever been known to harm a Dark Lord. According to legend, the mightiest of Wizards have sometimes made pacts with these hideous beings, trading service for knowledge and power. Most who make such bargains soon come to rue the terms. Though the Dark Lords number in the hundreds, Magi and Loremasters have only been able to divine a few of their names.

Augrilloth the Bloated Tyrant

Hideously fat, this four-armed glutton eats the corpses of all slain by his legions.

Ekk'linizer the Scourger

A beautiful, childlike being who tears foes apart with a set of long, barbed chains that obey the Demon's will.

Halgannon the Cruel

A great fanged toad whose malice is matched only by his thirst for blood.

Kliszhenk the Mauler

A brutal, dog-headed warrior who wounded even the mighty Malog in battle.

Thool'hroon Gen'naa

Also known as "The Green Death", bodiless, this Dark Lord manifests as a great cloud of sickly green mist that poisons all it touches.

Veshteroth the Faceless Horror

A master of plagues and pestilence, Veshteroth was slain by Shadowbane during the War of the Scourge.

Vranaxxas the Flayed Lord

Main article: Vranaxxas

A skinless horror who delights in torture and mayhem.

Xalthotlan the Crawling Killer

It is said this Dark Lord takes the form of a massive spider, whose bite is death.

The Nameless God

Nothing at all is known about this Dark Lord, save that even his peers in Chaos are terrified of him.


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