The Beast Lords

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Little is known about these vastly powerful primal entities, beings that are whispered to rival or even surpass the True Gods in strength and power. The embodiments of forces of nature (strength, wisdom, cunning, fertility), these entities take the form of great animals when they manifest on Aerynth, but many magi and Priests believe that these are only masks, simple forms that mortal minds can comprehend. Aloof and distant, the beast lords rarely attempt to influence the flow of events on Aerynth, unlike the other Gods. Incredibly wise and ancient, the beast lords are keepers of ancient knowledge and arcane secrets. Some have devoted themselves to worship of the Animal Gods, hoping to gain power in return for their service. The lves in particular worship the Beast Lords extensively, and once abandoned the All-Father to serve these strange beings.

Arrugast the Jackal

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A trickster and deceiver, Jackal also is a master of stealth and magic. Many Elves believe that Arrugast, not the All-Father, is the true sire of their race.


Among the most ferocious of the Beast lords, Draethen the Trueson is believed to have defeated the Boar in single combat and fashioned its tusks into a pair of swords.

G'Harron the Bear

Known for his ferocious temper and wisdom, the Bear strives for balance between Nature and civilization. Druids and Rangers sometimes curry Bear's favor.


Jordmangundir is the name of the Serpent, the wisest of Beast Lords. According to the legends of the Rune Casters, the All-Father wandered far into the frozen wastes of the North seeking Jordmangundir and found him at the base of a great Ash Tree. Well did the foul snake remember the bite of the All-Father's spear, and cowed before him.

"Teach me, cowed beast, the last secret of the Making and Unmaking," the All-Father demanded.

"You will know it," hissed the Serpent, "but the learning will take you to the very edge of death, and no knowledge is without its price." The All-Father stood firm.

"I am not afraid, Beast Lord," he said, his voice like thunder, "I will pay your price." And so the Serpent lashed out and bit the left hand of the All-Father. The Serpent's venom raged through the All-Father like a fever, and he writhed on the ground and cried out in agony. For three days he raved in his madness. As he raved, signs of fire burned before his eyes, jagged lines that crept and crawled like snakes. When at last his vision cleared, the All-Father was alone. And the All-Father looked, and saw that in his madness he had clawed the signs of fire into the bark of the ash tree, where they shone red with the blood from his fingers. The All-Father looked, and read them, and saw how the names of things control them, and how the shaping of runes shapes the world in turn. And the All-Father laughed, for his dominion over the things of the world was complete. But he had forgotten the Serpent's price...".

Thaelossor the Eagle

Sire of raptors and griffons, the Elves venerate this mighty Beast Lord to this day.

Vashteera the Panther

A mighty hunter, the Amazons venerate the she-cat above all other Gods.


Undoubtedly the most cunning and hostile of all the Beast Lords, Wolf was bested by the All-Father during the Taming, and has nothing but hate for Humans and their works.


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