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Frykka the Queen of Winter (or Queen of Ice), is a demigoddess who holds power over cold and ice called the "storm fury".


It is not known when her slumber began, but suspected to be before even the All-Father and his companions found the Orb of Aerynth. It is also not known what awoke her, but her presence was immediately felt by all who inhabited the northern regions.

Once awoken, she unleashed an unrelenting winter storm. This storm drove the snow elves (Alfar, also called the Dar Khelegur) from their lands. When she turned her power on the Invorri, Torvald the Strong did battle with her. The Queen of Winter was not prepared for this enemy. She was not only defeated, but also lost powers to the titan. Torvald then used her powers to seal her in a prison of ice.

Escape and Wherabouts

In year 901 of the Age of Kings, Frykka somehow escaped her imprisonment and immediately took her revenge in the form of an unrelenting winter storm as she had done hundreds of years prior. Torvald left to confront her a second time, but did not return. It was later discovered that Frykka defeated and enslaved him as Draug-Torvald.

It is unclear where Frykka hides, but the winter storm continues to rage.

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