Dar Khelegur

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Of the three Elven bloodlines, the pale-blue-skinned Dar Khelegur, or "High Ice Lords" were and are the cruelest, and also the most beloved of Saedron, Goddess of Magic.

In the aftermath of the Dragon's rising a new era began for all the Fair Folk, an Age remembered by them as the Times of Parting. The newly created Sun shone down upon the heart of the Kingdom of Twilight unceasingly, for Time had not yet started. Under the oppressive heat, the lands began to wither, and soon the great forests and peaceful meadows were transformed into the Burning Lands, parched deserts of pale sand and bleached stone. The Elves of the Twilight Kingdom withdrew from the desolation, to far corners of the World where twilight still lingered.

The Elves now split into four distinct groups, each ruled by a lord or lady believed to be the rightful heir to Gilliandor's throne. One such was Sillestor; the kindred he ruled came to call themselves the Dar Khelegur, the High Lords of Ice, for they made their kingdom in the far North where the winters are long and the winds are cruel. Sillestor bore Shadowbane, carrying it as an emblem of his kingship, and his people called it the Second Sun, the Light within Twilight.

The Dar Khelegur were ever the greatest and mightiest of the Elvish peoples, and their wizards delved long into the deepest secrets of creation and destruction. Slowly they grew decadent, and their hearts turned wicked. Sillestor dreamed of restoring the glory of the Twilight Kingdom, lost when the Sun was kindled, and so he led the Dar Khelegur into a bitter war with the nations of their kinsmen. Armed with Shadowbane at the vanguard of his army, neither the mightiest Warriors nor the strongest Wizards could withstand him. Sillestor crowned himself ruler of the Deathless Empire, the second great kingdom of the Elves.

It was Wizards of the Dar Khelegur who took some of their Human thralls, infused them with the blood and strength of Giants, and then twisted their bodies into bestial mockeries of Men known as Minotaurs. These, their Dar Khelegur masters kept in line only by the force of powerful spells backed up by the threat of torturous punishments, earning their undying hatred.