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The purest Dwarf High-Priests carry in their souls the echo of Thurin's hammerstroke which woke the Dwarves at the beginning of the World. Clanwardens channel the echo into their voices, giving songs and shouts that can thwart all Dwarf enemies.

Hail, son of Thurin! I see a gleam in your eye, and your voice is strong and sure. When Thurin first fashioned the Dwarves at the Beginning of Beginnings, he smote the anvil in his forge with his mithril hammer to awaken us. I know you remember it. Can you hear the sound still? I can. And I think it echoes in your voice...

- The Clanwarden

The elders say that some Dwarves, pure of heart and strong of soul, still carry the ringing echo of the First Hammerfall in their hearts. Through it, they can wield the Shaper's power in the World, offering an example to all Dwarfkind and thwarting the power of our enemies. If Thurin's will rings in your heart you shall join the Clanwardens, elite protectors of the Shaper's Sons. Prepare yourself for testing!

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