Dalgoth Runegate System

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In Dalgoth, there are a total of thirteen Runegates. Three of these are easy to access even to those without the Traveler discipline:

  • Safehold Runegate which is currently located east of Sacred Dalgoth. It can be accessed via the white "law" portal from any gate.
  • Maelstrom's Eye on Maelstrom can be accessed by the multicolored "chaos" portal from any gate.
  • and the Doomgate on Oblivion can be accessed by the black "death" portal on any gate.

The remaining ten gates are spread around the rest of the map. These ten are split into to two "circuits" of five: east and west. The Eastern circuit is accessed by casting one of the five "open gate" Traveler powers on the safehold runegate. And the West is accessed via Maelstrom's Ere on Maelstrom. Once you are on the east or west circuit, you can use Traveler powers to travel within it or step into the white or multicolored portal to switch.

Traveler's Guide

Listed here are the most direct paths to Dalgoth's macrozones. In parenthesis are their Vorringia/Aerynth equivalents.

Mainland Zones

Swamp Zones

Mountain Zones

Desert Zones

Runegates by Name

Western Circuit

Accessed via the Maelstrom's Eye (on Maelstrom)

  • Ring of Auros Mir (Fire)
  • Wanderstone (Earth)
  • Portalstone (Water)
  • Journeystone (Air)
  • Gravenstone (Spirit)
  • Runegate (Law)
  • Doomgate (Death)

Eastern Circuit

Accessed via Runegate (Safehold gate)

  • Lionstone (Fire)
  • Alric's Gate (Earth)
  • Valgrom's Gate (Water)
  • Ring of Verros Mir (Air)
  • Kellast's Gate (Spirit)
  • Maelstrom's Gate (Chaos)
  • Doomgate (Death)

Patch History

  • Patch 1.5 (February 17th, 2004): Additional Runegates have been added to the Dalgoth mapset. There will now be 10, not counting Maelstrom. They will serve as two "chains" of five, one in the east and one in the west. Using an element gate power on a gate of that element (fire on the Fire runegate, for instance) will take you to that gate in the opposite chain.

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