Sacred Dalgoth

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Map of Sacred Dalgoth

May the peace and grace of the Holy Saints and Blessed Archons be upon you. You stand now in the Holy City, Dalgoth the Great, built thousands of years ago on the very ground where the Archons blessed the Sons of Men, and guided them out of bondage and slavery. Here sits the Nestor the Twenty-sixth, the Blessed Patriarch, steward of the All-Father's Holy Church. All who walk the paths of virtue and faith are welcome here, for they shall find faith, aid, and fulfillment. Those who seek only worldly power should look elsewhere.

- Endylon, Runemaster of Sacred Dalgoth

Sacred Dalgoth is a safe hold unique to the Dalgoth. The city is themed after the the Church of the All-Father.


Sacred Dalgoth is located at the center of Dalgoth on an island. It is in very close proximity to a runegate. It is a favorite for new characters for quick access to Greensward Pyre to the south.

Class Trainer Availability

Sacred Dalgoth is home to one of every class trainer. Sacred Dalgoth also houses the Artillerist, Battle Magus, Saboteur, and Sapper trainers.