Malog the Warrior

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Shrewdest and fairest of the All-Father's Companions, legends tell that Malog was matchless in battle, and fearsome in his wrath. According to the most ancient tales, Malog argued with the All-Father many times, and finally journeyed to the Golden Moon where he married Volliandra, Goddess of Dreams. Alas, the Warrior found little rest or comfort there, for the Dragon incinerated the Golden Moon soon after. The Dragon's flames killed Malog's bride and destroyed his beauty forever. Malog withdrew in his pain and rage, and became a master of evil and deception. In time, the Warrior even tried to kill the All-Father himself, luring Him into a trap in the uttermost pits of Chaos. His efforts failed, and Malog was trapped among the Dark Lords, where he was twisted into Morloch the Destroyer, one of the Fallen Ones.

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