Vollana the Tainted

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Vollana the Tainted

Race: Nephilim
Class: Healer
Profession: Doomsayer

Vollana does not remember how she came into being. She just always was. It's all that really matters to her. She serves Morloch above all others and is fiercely loyal to carrying out his plans for the total destruction of Aerynth.

She has assigned herself to watch over Kodor to make sure he doesn't screw things up. She's never felt he was the brightest of creatures but feels he is a destructive force and a perfect tool to use in the service of Morloch.

Personality: Vollana looks upon those that are not of the Nephilim as lessors. She is however, smart enough to realize that anyone that follows Morloch can be used as a tool to further the cause of the Lord of Chaos and of that of the Nephilim themselves. She is quiet and calculating and prefers action to words.


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