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This page refers to the game mechanic of death. For the retired server, see Death (Server).

Death is the experience a character will endure when his or her health drops below zero. When a character dies they are prompted with a dialogue box that reads "Press OK to respawn". The dead may no longer act in any way other than clicking "OK" or taking the role of an observer until doing so.

Methods of Dying

There are several ways a player can die in Shadowbane.

  • Death by another Player, when a player kills you or you target and kill yourself with a casted damage spell.
  • Death by Mobiles, when a mobile kills you. This used to harbor an experience point penalty, but no longer.
  • Death by drowning, when you run out of stamina, then health under water.


Dying in Shadowbane carries a few penalties:

  • Inflicts a temporary "death shroud", which reduces defense and attack rating by 100% as well as blocking the casting of any powers.
  • All armor, jewelry, and weapons will take percent-based damage that may accumulate and eventually destroy them if not repaired (for instance, at a vendor).
  • Any items in one's inventory will remain at the place of death in a universally lootable corpse (represented by a tombstone).
  • The character is transported to his bind point, and will need to return to his place of death to retrieve his inventory items. If the character has no bind point (aka being errant) he will be sent to Sea Dog's Rest.
  • When one is killed by another player or by drowning, this death will be broadcast to the entire server via the PVP channel.


All healer-based classes are granted "Succor", which when used on a player corpse will negate the death shroud penalties of death if cast before the dead click the OK box. Succor may be used on a tombstone, but will not have any effect save on the user; therefore the power must be cast on the corpse before the deceased has clicked to respawn. If cast after respawn, the caster will receive the message "This corpse has no experience to return".

The discipline Sanctifier is granted a power called "Sanctify the Fallen" that will both remove a death shroud and cast a percent-based heal. The target for this spell must be a member of the same group as the caster and must also not be in safe mode.