Thollok Marsh

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Map of Thollok Marsh

After their defeat in the War of Ashes, a mighty host of Orcs fled from the lands of Men, taking refuge in these noisome fens. The Orcs grew strong, and these swamps teem with monsters they have raised and nourished.

- Thollok Marsh

Thollok Marsh is an forest-themed macrozone in Vorringia, on the Sinking Isles. It is one of the four zones that offer elite equipment. This zone is recommended for players level 35 to 60.

Discipline Runes


Master of Pole Arms
Master of Spears




  • Captain Scribthog , Veshtai Watch Point - 56449 x 34760 -
  • Ixek-Kulaach , Eldritch Stones - 56676 x 36783 -
  • Warchief Yargek , Clan Veshtai - 55576 x 36244 -
  • Zaulozirask , Hydra Lair - 57494 x 35502 -

Resource Mine Products


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