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Seller beware! A keen eye, and quick wit can convince even the stingiest merchant to undercut some of the profit they covet. The merchant princes of Tariponto make haggling an art form. The frugal can learn much from their example.

- Bargaining skill description

Bargaining is a skill that lowers the cost of vendor items, and makes the vendor pay more for sold ones. Bargaining, unlike most other skills, has no effect if trained past 100%.

This skill is granted to thieves or any character who chooses the Shopkeeper's Apprentice trait during character creation starting at level 10.


At 100% Bargaining, a vendor will only have a maximum of 10% profit. That is, they will charge a minimum of 110% of an item's base value.


The base value of a Greater Concoction Potion is 5,000 gold. An Alchemist that sells a Greater Concoction Potion will do so at 200% base value by default.

  • Cost for characters without the bargaining skill:
(200%) * 5,000 = 10,000.
  • Same item bought by a character who has 100% bargaining:
(110%) * 5,000 = 5,500.