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Training points are a character development mechanic which allow players to customize the potency of their focus skills and powers.

Skill Grades

Skill grade is a term given to specific power ranks within the 40-point scale that is used by all powers, weapon styles, and stances. Grand Master or GM is the highest level of training in the scale. Training a power to maximum is the act of "grand mastering" it.

List of Skill Grades

  • Untrained, 0-1 points
  • Novice, 2-3 points
  • Beginner, 4-7 points
  • Apprentice, 8-10 points
  • Neophyte, 11-14 points
  • Adept, 15-17 points
  • Journeyman, 18-21 points
  • Skilled, 22-25 points
  • Competent, 26-29 points
  • Proficient, 30-32 Points
  • Expert, 33-35 Points
  • Master, 36-39 Points
  • Grand Master, 40 points

Gaining Training Points

Training points, like ability points, are awarded to characters when they gain levels. Unlike ability points however, training point gain depends on the race and base class you choose and players are not awarded bonus trains on character creation. For example, a mage Warlock will receive 640 total training points, while a fighter receives only 580.

Spending Training Points

Training points may be spent at a class trainer (or just trainer). A class trainer is an NPC that allows playing characters to promote to a prestige class, train granted powers, and read the lore associated with their respective classes. Low-level class trainers can be found in game-generated cities such as Aeldereth, but eventually, a player will have to train their powers and skills at a player-hosted city with max-level trainers.

Powers which are unique to a class may only be trained at the corresponding trainer. However; skills available to many classes may be trained at any trainer that offers this power or skill to their specific class. For example, a Scout may only train Detect Hidden at a Scout trainer, but can add points to light armor when speaking to an Assassin, Barbarian, Bard, Channeler, Confessor, Crusader, Doomsayer, Druid, Nightstalker, Prelate, Priest, Ranger, Scout, Sentinel, Templar, Thief, Warlock, or Warrior trainer.

While most powers require you to train them up as you progress in level, some are granted with free bonus trains when you reach the level high enough to obtain them. For example, the rogue assassin's Poison Blade power is granted with 20 bonus points and may be trained to a full 40 if desired.

Training Stances and Weapon styles

Stances and weapon styles follow the same 40-point scale as other powers, but are fixed and unchangeable by the bearer. Their level varies depending on one's base class and prestige class.


The world around you is illusion: everything you see and hear, they are naught but the names your mind gives to them -- by the very act of definition your mind limits not what it perceives, but rather itself. There is limitless potential within you, but the chain of experiences and choices you have made have defined you -- they have also limited you. Ironically, your very quest for power has denied you the ultimate power locked within your soul. I can help.

I am a Refiner, a humble member of the Order of Transcendence. My brotherhood walks a high path of spirituality, and through our mastery of Focus, we have ascended into new levels of awareness. I was once a Warlock, but now I am much more. We Refiners have learned how to erase experience, to negate perception so that old choices, made long ago, can be made anew. As a smith refines ore by boiling away impurities, so I can refine and purify your spirit by removing the memory of past lessons and errors.

Your memories are a prison. I can set you free. To reach your full potential you must un-learn what you have learned.

- Refiner

A refiner is a special NPC that allows players to buy back their spent training points and spent ability points. The cost of the refiner's services amounts to 1000 gold per point regardless of how many points are returned. There are no refiners in game-generated cities; you can only find them in player-built cities. A player may only slot the refiner into a "Wizard's Tower" building.

Tears of Saedron

This potent elixir destroys memories and erases experiences. It can allow a drinker to un-make one choice of discipline, though the runestone is lost with the memories.

- Tears of Saedron description

Tears of Saedron is a usable item that can be purchased from a the refiner. It allows the user to remove one discipline rune, provided all training points have been refined from the skills and powers that discipline granted.