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Alas, our World has been rent with strife from its very beginning, her soil seeped in blood. From the rising of the Dragons to the great invasions of Chaos and the War of Tears between Men and the Elven empires, conflict and destruction have always been close at hand. Since the time of the Turning, things have grown even worse. Just as the world was shattered, War and Chaos threaten to shatter everything the All-Father's children have achieved. More than ever, it is a time when Heroes can change the world, for good or ill. Whatever their race, those who aspire to greatness must walk one of four paths to triumph or oblivion. For the mighty and humble alike, even the greatest of Quests begins with but a single step.

- Apprenticeships: The Four Paths of the Hero

Base Classes are classes chosen during character creation. These classes may determine what prestige class you are allowed to promote to at level ten.

The Four Paths of the Hero

  • The Fighter's Way: The Path of Might
  • The Healer's Way: The Path of Faith
  • The Mage's Way: The Path of Lore
  • The Rogue's Way: The Path of Skill