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Chronicle Wizard

It is written that Knowledge is a well that has no bottom, and that Lore is a stormy sea without a farther shore. Magi begin their lives by devoting themselves to the study of anything and everything, and soon come to the conclusion that there is far more to know than they can ever hope to learn, even without True Death to bring their study to an end. Some are drawn by the lure of Power, and learn to channel the massive powers of the Tapestry. Others tap into strange powers within themselves and become Warlocks.

There are other Magi, however, who continue their observations of the physical World and devote themselves to unlocking ancient secrets of Arcane Lore. After sufficient study the Magi take the title of Wizard, and vast powers are theirs to command.

Wizards continue to hone the eldritch skills they first learned as Magi, using quirks and loopholes in the fabric of reality to create magical effects. Once the wisdom of the ancient Elvish and Ardani masters becomes available to them, Wizards can learn new and powerful spells, mighty workings that can blast entire areas or protect themselves from nearly any type of harm. Space and Time no longer bind a Wizard, who is able to alter the flow of time, see the past of an object or travel hundreds of leagues without moving.

Wizards have access to an amazing array of magical spells and techniques, and often mastery of one spell or set of spells will open the way to new spells and powers. The diversity available to Wizards is one of their greatest strengths, but it can also prove to be a weakness.

The Wizard who attempts to master every available technique will spread their knowledge so thinly that they will end up with true mastery of nothing. Wizards who apply some focus while learning their spells, however, have powers that rival those of the Titans themselves.

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