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In the days of the War of the Scourge all of the Children of Aerynth stood united against the hosts of Chaos. The mightiest warriors and cleverest generals of the armies of Elves and Humanity joined together to form the Vorgrim Legion, an elite army where the Firstborn and the Sons of Men would fight side by side, under joint command. The Legion won its greatest fame during the middle years of the conflict, when they managed to halt the advance of Chaos on many fronts. After the retrieval of Shadowbane and the turning of the tide, Malog the War God emerged from his long seclusion to answer the All-Father's call. Malog himself took command of the Vorgrim Legion and led it through a stunning series of victories. The Legion slowly renounced its ties with the lords of Elves or Men, following their divine general to death and glory. The Legion's fate was sealed when Malog tried to betray the All-Father to His doom in the Pit of Chaos. The warriors of the Vorgrim were abandoned and trapped with their dark master, and their fate is lost to all the folk of Aerynth. In the wake of the final battle, Malog's treachery poisoned the name of the Vorgrim Legion forever: the tales and songs of its exploits were deliberately forgotten, and the few surviving members of the Legion renounced it. But recently, the new incursion of Chaos has brought the memory of the Legion back, as warriors and devotees of Chaos have appeared wearing the distinctive, ancient suits of armor used by the Legion of old. Indeed, rumor has it that Morloch himself is combing ruins and ancient places for enchanted relics of the Legion, and some fear that the Maimed God intends to reform the legion and use it to conquer all the fragments of Aerynth.

- Artifacts of Shadowbane

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