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The October 2005 Content Patch (patch 9) was added to Shadowbane on November 1st, 2005.

General Changes
  • Added a global command (/guildinvite) that allows individuals to be invited to a guild; the invite will fail if target player already has an active invite.
  • Added new directional arrows for Groups.
    • The Leader Arrow (gold) is always up for other members of the group.
    • Clicking on a Member in the Group Window will create a Groupmate Arrow (blue) for that individual; this arrow will remove if someone else is selected
  • When an enchantment that is cast on an item disappears, the mouse over for that enchantment will now expire.
  • Dynamic Lighting is now turned OFF by default for new installations.
  • Texture Compression is now turned OFF by default for new installations.
  • Single clicking on an item in a loot inventory takes it now; added a short delay between looting each item (half a second).
  • Summon will now fail if the target is in Combat or Safe mode at cast time or at teleport time.
  • Added a new option under the Windows menu to import a Layout Configuration file; this does not import hot button, hot bar, or hot key settings.
  • Enhanced the attention to the Runes Taken List during Character Creation.
  • Pet Commands are now reflected in Chat.
  • Character Creation Runes should no longer prohibit various instances of Stat Refinement.
  • The Guild Information, Main Menu, Preferences, and Minimize All buttons can now be dragged onto the Hotbar and game interface.
  • The Skill Window will now report Base Skill.
  • The Group Leader will now properly update in the Group Window when the former leader gets booted from the group.
  • The Trade Window will now close when a player moves.
  • If a trade is open and one of the player opens the bank window, the trade will be cancelled; if the Bank Window is open, all trades will be disallowed.
  • Removed all methods of dropping items; Now dragging and dropping items onto the world will prompt the user if he wants to destroy the item or not.
  • Players can now only have one active Group Invite at a time.
  • Fixed an issue with the rendering of color codes in Chat.
World Changes
  • Implemented the first iteration of various client synchronization enhancements
  • All Bursars are now named Bankers (really this time!).
  • Migrating a character no longer causes its name to be in all caps.
  • Blood Mage Vendors have been removed from the game world; you can only acquire these through Character Creation now.
  • Added the City Crests on the World Map for Hamlets.
  • Combined Weaponsmith inventories in the Hamlets; there is now only one Weaponsmith which carries all weapons.
City & Siege
  • Added the Owner's name to placed Bane Circles
  • You can no longer have more than one Guild Invitation active and repledging will remove any active Guild Invitations.
  • Intercity travel will now cancel pending summons.
  • Fixed an issue where a player could not withdraw gold from the Warehouse if they already had gold in their inventory
Class Changes
  • Fighters are now granted the Unarmed Combat skill.
  • Mage Stances no longer have a snare component on them.
  • Nightstalkers are now granted the Crossbow skill at promotion.
  • Nightstalkers are granted 20 free trains in the "Anoint Blade" Power.
  • Reduced the mana cost on the Nightstalkers Power "Blessing of Dawn".
  • Added an initial tick to the Nightstalkers Power "Stalker's Resilience".
  • Prelates now receive the Sword Skill at promotion.
Discipline Changes
  • Increased the casting time of the Prospector Power "Prospecting Stance" to 15 seconds.
  • The Prospector Power "Prospecting Stance" can no longer be cast while flying.
  • Reduced the range of the Prospector Power "Claim Mine".
  • Increased the casting time of the Prospector Power "Claim Mine" to 20 seconds.
  • Fixed a targeting issue with the Thrall Powers "Vok-Maalra" and "Thog-Maalra".
  • The Thrall Power "Thog-Maalra" is now insta-cast

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