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The offspring of Men and Elves, Aelfborn (there are other names for them, but few so kind) show a balanced blending of their parent's features. No matter the stock of their Human parent, Aelfborn always have fair, pale golden skin, although their hair is quite varied. The child's face also tends toward Elvish features, although their eyes are not quite so large and their faces less sharp. Their large ears are distinctly pointed. Aelfborn inherit an Elf's sharp eyes and keen ears. If their faces favor the Elf blood in them, the bodies of the Aelfborn are more Human. Aelfborn, though taller than most Men, are shorter than Elves, and tend to be more muscular as well.

Aelfborn are more agile and quicker of mind than Men, though they fall short of an Elf's speed, grace, and reason. They also inherit the strength of their Human parent, and are hardier than most Elves. While the traits of an Aelfborn might seem an ideal blend of Human and Elf, their great weakness lies in Spirit: the conflicting virtues of the Human and Elf blood leave the Aelfborn with weaker Spirits than either Humans or Elves. Their mixed blood gives rise to other flaws as well. Aelfborn inherit the mortality of their Human parent, and actually live shorter lives than men due to some instability in their blood (since the Turning this shortcoming has been eased somewhat). Also, Aelfborn are incapable of siring or bearing children: like a mule bred from a horse and donkey, these hybrids are sterile. Born of mortal enemies, Fate denied the Aelfborn the immortality of either of their parents until the Turning, when true death ceased altogether.

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