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The resource system is a gear progression mechanic. Players can use several types of lumber or minerals found randomly on mob corpses or from a mine. These resources are then used to craft top-tier equipment in player cities.

Resource Mines

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Players may battle over several resources mines found in the game world. If a guild succeeds in capturing a mine, they will receive steady stream of resources or gold. The closer the city is to the mine, the greater the yield they will receive from that mine.

Mine Management

If you have successfully captured a mine, you may then order what type of resources are harvested by speaking with a your warehouse's Senechel NPC. Any player can see what you are harvesting by simply pulling up their world map.

You may also set a different hour for your window of opportunity for all mines in realms where there is a city belonging to your nation. Other mines will use their realm's default window instead.

Types of Mines

There are four types of mine and mine categories, and type can only produce one specific resource at a time. The amount of resources you receive per hour may depend on the type, since some resources are more rare than others. However, all mines may produce gold.

Ore Mine Lumber Camp Gold Mine Magic Mine
Stone - Maximum: 100/hour
Lumber - Maximum: 100/hour
Stone - Maximum: 100/hour
Azoth - Maximum: 30/hour
Truesteel - Maximum: 20/hour
Oak - Maximum: 40/hour
Coal - Maximum: ??/hour
Orichalk - Maximum: 40/hour
Iron - Maximum: ??/hour
Bronzewood - Maximum: 40/hour
Agate: Maximum: ??/hour
Antimony - Maximum: 20/hour
Adamant - Maximum: 20/hour
Mandrake - Maximum: 20/hour
Diamond - Maximum: 40/hour
Sulfur - Maximum: ??/hour
Galvor - Maximum: 10/hour
Wormwood - Maximum: 10/hour
Onyx - Maximum: 20/hour
Quicksilver - Maximum: ??/hour

Obsidian - Maximum: 10/hour
Bloodstone - Maximum: 10/hour

Mob Droppers

Resources have a chance to drop as loot from mobs throughout the world. The following table details zones in which there is a concentration of mobs that drop specific resources.

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Mithril is a special type of resource that can only be found on mobs in Maelstrom and Oblivion. It cannot be mined. Mithril is not used to directly craft items, but instead it makes the crafting of items instant. Mithril is automatically consumed at the rate of one per item roll for this purpose if it is on the city warehouse and not locked.

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