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Below, you will find a selection of user-created character templates for Confessors. Character templates are battle-tested methods for building your character, but do not guarantee success and depend mostly on one's style of play.


Powerthirst Build

By Brikk (Forum Thread)

Author's Comments

"This is a comparatively low CON, high INT, moderate SPI Confessor. The goals here are to attain a very high ATR and high damage with emphasis on damage over time and drains. Survivablity comes via resists, drains and some pretty fair heals." -- Brikk

Starting Runes

Starting Stats

In-Game Runes

  • Intelligence of the Gods

Stats at Level 75


Focus Training

Powers Trained


  • Bellugh Nuathal Helm or Runed of +5% Pierce Resist Clensing Flame Hood
  • 5/5 Confessor Medium Armor. Tailor resists to personal needs.
  • Charmed of Thumaturgy Amulet. (20% Fire, Lightning and Ice Resist, +10 Thaumaturgy)
  • Abominations of Thaumaturgy Ring (35% Holy Resist, +10 Thaumaturgy)
  • Apostates of Thaumaturgy Ring (35% Unholy Resist, +10 Thaumturgy)
  • Peerless of the Asp(?) 25% Gilded Septer (+165 Attack Rating, +17% Attack Speed, +15% Poison Resist)
  • 35% Magic Resist, 15% Magic Resist 100% Block Shield.

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