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Character builds (also called "templates") are community-created plans for where to spend your points and what runes to take.

While other players' builds are a nice way to get into a class, one of the goals of every Shadowebane player is to put their own unique spin on character design.

Character Builds

Assassin Builds
Barbarian Builds
Bard Builds
Channeler Builds
Confessor Builds
Crusader Builds
Doomsayer Builds
Druid Builds
Fury Builds
Huntress Builds
Necromancer Builds

Nightstalker Builds
Prelate Builds
Priest Builds
Ranger Builds
Scout Builds
Sentinel Builds
Templar Builds
Thief Builds
Warlock Builds
Warrior Builds
Wizard Builds

Common Themes

Remove 5 From All

Most character builds will tell you to "remove 5 from all". During character creation, the client automatically places 5 ability points in each ability (strength, constitution, etc). However, there are dump stats in Shadowbane, and you often need to spend these points on Starting Traits instead, so most build makers recommend taking these points out prior to selecting traits.

Note that changing your race or class will "reset" the ability point values, meaning you will have to "remove 5 from all" again.

Redundant Spells

See Do Not Train for a list of spells and powers which are simply not worth training on any build.


Main article: Vocabulary
  • Disc is short for discipline rune.
  • GM stands for "Grand Master" and means to train a power to 40 points.
  • Gold means to train a focus skill to its maximum. Note that the maximum for focus skills varies from character to character, it is not always the same value.
  • JM stands for "Journeyman" and means to train a power to 20 points.
  • Stat rune are special items found in the game world that increase maximum ability scores.
  • TaN means "tough as nails", a starting rune that increases health.
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