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Rise of Chaos Retail Box

Rise of Chaos (patch was the first expansion pack added to Shadowbane. It was launched on December 9th, 2003. Rise of Chaos introduced the Nephilim race, Sentinel & Doomsayer classes, and Conjurer & Darksworn disciplines.

  • The Softcap has been raised to Level 75
  • At Rank 7, a new Discipline Slot will become available
  • Characters will receive Attribute and Practice Points from Level 60 to 75
  • Added a Weather Toggle
  • "Shake Fist" social has been added
Minor Fixes
  • Weapons will now appear when a character has transformed into an appropriate form such as the Templar's 'Wings of Seraphim'
  • Galkan the Deadly will now respawn during an appropriate timeframe
  • Master Wyrmslayers will now train Spear Skill
  • The description of 'Blood Boil' has been corrected to show that it does fire damage
  • The Fury's 'Call Storm' description has been updated to show that it does exclude the caster from damage
  • The Fury's 'Call the Blizzard' description has been updated to show that it does exclude the caster from damage
  • Nonhuman Shieldsmiths will now make magical metal shields
  • Sundancer's Khan'xhirs have been updated with new graphics
  • The correct dialog for attempting to trade while invisible is now displayed
  • The Bane Circle icon on the Local Map has been given a unique color and should no longer be confused with a Nation Member when zoomed out
  • Transfer powers now take target's max pool into account
  • Players should no longer be able to attack Mobiles through doors
  • Quick use of recall and summon no longer causes a character to be untrackable
  • 'Shout' power stun immunity now lasts an appropriate amount of time
  • Fixed a couple of collision bugs
  • Fixed a client crash on Guild Creation
  • Fixed a crash related to leaving the world when the TOL info window is open
  • Fixed issue with Heavy Armorers and the enchantment types they can select
  • 'Poison Blade' should now work at Levels 19-20
  • Added elves to the Virakt guild ill-favored list
Dalgoth Map
  • Base Class Trainers no longer refer to Aerynthian cities
  • Some Freehold Vendors will no longer run out of gold and will auto-junk non-magical items sold to them

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