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Aerynth Runegate Map

The following information will aid would-be travelers in Aerynth. For more details, be sure to enlarge the runegate map.


Indefinite Gates

All runegates will have three gates open perpetually:

  • Chaos Gate, which is multi-colored and leads to Maelstrom's "Maelstrom's Eye" gate.
  • Death Gate, which is black and leads to Oblivion's "Doomgate".
  • Law Gate, which is white and leads to Khar Th'Sekt.
  • Forbidden Isle can be accessed from any gate by using the gate-opening power used to reach it (for example, using "Open Water Gate" on the Sigil Stone runegate leads to The Forbidden Isle).

Traveler Guide

To open a gate with Traveler powers, simply select the gate and cast the power. A new gate will swirl open, allowing anyone to pass through. Traveler-opened gates close after a short time.

  • Graven Rock (Earth)
  • Ring of Kauro (Fire)
  • Dovaal's Gate (Air)
  • Sigil Stone (Water)
  • Haedan's Stone (Spirit)
  • The Forbidden Gate (Use Spirit from Haedan's Stone or Law from Khar Th'Sekt)

See Also


  • The mainland Runegates on the Aerynth mapset now follow the paradigm seen on Dalgoth and Vorringia, where one specific Runegate is tied to one element.
  • Tyrranth Minor on the Aerynth mapset has been redesigned and pared down. Three outskirts, lots of grobolds, bandits, and Skrell. No newbie runegates anymore. The map is much tighter and harder to get lost on than before.
  • The "Forbidden" Isle on the Aerynth mapset is now visible and it has a Runegate called the Forbidden Gate. The gate links to all the mainland gates, and all the mainland gates link to it.
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