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Patch 6.0.0 is aligned with Season 6 Wipe. Season 6 will start on 1/11. The patch notes below represent a summary of all changes made during Season 5.



  • Implemented Mastery System
  • PvP on Noob Island has been restricted by nation. Killing your own nation is no longer allowed.
  • Gifts will no longer be consumed if you do not have space within your inventory to open.
  • Resources capped at 500 on warehouses now have been increased to 3000.
  • A new version of the SBEmu launcher has been published to allow greater flexibility moving forward.
  • Proxies in West-US & Hong Kong have been established as a point for players to connect to if direct internet connectivity to the game server is unstable.
  • Removed code restrictions reducing resource drops in expansion zones.

Improved R8 Rewards

R8 Encounters are now more prosperous. Their loot tables have been improved.

  • 10x Fabled Stockpile (Common resources will drop in stacks of 120, Rare & XPAC resources will drop in stacks of 60)
  • 2x Alternate Elite Gear Pieces
  • 2x Racial Followers (NPC's) related to Biome
  • 3x Mysterious Rune (High Level Stat Rune)
  • 1,000,000 Gold
  • 1x Realm Charter
  • 5x Elan Stones (Offerings)


  • Veteran, Veteran Challenge & Veteran Raid bounties have had a large XP boost added to their reward.
  • Bounty Gold Drops have been significantly increased.

Bane Buffs & Anti-Zurg mechanics

  • Morloch's Revelry (anti-zerg mechanic) has been reworked to incorporate community feedback as well as removed methods players were using to circumvent the mechanic.
    • Crashers will be slain after 20 seconds of entering the grid while a bane buff is active.
    • A warning message is generated over the Siege channel to inform the player they should retreat from the area.
    • Characters with a multi-box debuff are now treated as crashers, only bring one character to a bane.
    • Scanning Frequency has been reduced from 5 minutes to 5 seconds, a data model is used to determine the buff based on a larger 15 minute window populated every 5 seconds. This means no more drastic swings in calculations for players dropping tags, entering or exiting the grid.
    • Crashers will only be slain if the minimum requirements for the bane buff are met. In smaller bane encounters, all characters will be in an unmodified state.

Bug Fixes

  • Movement around rotated buildings is now working as intended.
  • Ranger track has been corrected to correct range and cast time. Range has been shortened from 1408 to 1280, cast time increased to align with non-scout track.
  • Resolved an issue where another player tracking you removed your track arrow.
  • Resolved an issue when a successful raid defense causes a withdraw on the warehouse.
  • Resolved an issue when selling low tier items.
  • Resolved an issue where mana usage and regeneration was not calculating correctly in-flight. (./printregen now shows mana regeneration rate)
  • 110% Blademaster Swords now require the correct amount of resources to roll.
  • Line of sight issues when on, or near building footprints has been improved. Casting from walls or buildings, or on building footprints such as a tree of life now work as intended.
  • Siege Assets now correctly stay unprotected after a bane ends.
  • R8 Cities now place as the correct charter type.
  • Leaving group now properly displays a leave group message.
  • Pets are no longer attacked by friendly guards.
  • Joining a guild through an Open Tree by clicking Join Guild in the Tree of Life interface window no longer causes a character disconnect.
  • R8 Titles now correctly stay after a server reset.
  • Noob Island Buffs now correctly remove after leaving the island.


  • Glass Bow & Glass Crossbow weapon speed has been normalized to align with DPS of other Glass Weapons.


  • The way the server calculates skills, abilities and bonuses based on the race selected has been refactored and cleaned up.
  • The World and Login Servers have been refactored. This change not be noticed by players and will open up development options moving forward.

Data Site

  • Bane Metrics improved, additional information will be pushed to https://sbemudata.net/ to document bane statistics.


Mine windows have been adjusted to move low-contested mines into windows that have shown higher amounts of Guild v Guild conflict.

New Mine Windows
1 PM 1 Hour
2 PM 30 Minute
5 PM 1 Hour
6 PM 30 Minute
6 PM 1 Hour
6 PM 1 Hour XPAC
7 PM 1 Hour
8 PM 30 Minute
8 PM 1 Hour
8 PM 1 Hour XPAC
9 PM 30 Minute
9 PM 1 Hour XPAC
10 PM 30 Minute x2
10 PM 1 Hour
10 PM 1 Hour XPAC
11 PM 30 Minute
11 PM 1 Hour

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