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Patch 7.0.0 is aligned with Season 7 Wipe. Season 7 will start on 10/10. The patch notes below represent a summary of all changes made during Season 5.


  • Reintroduced Leadership from Commander Rune to apply an XP Bonus for groups.
  • Tuned Morloch's Revelry to begin at smaller numbers discrepancies.
  • Added Vale of Nar Addad, The Doomplain, Grimscairne, Thollok Marsh & Aeran Belendor to the Hotzone Rotation.
  • Resolved an issue where pet's getting a kill shot on a bounty caused the event to no longer spawn. - Thanks Mixcoatl & Preston for the report!
  • Resolved an issue where resources would be consumed when minimum resources were not met. - Thanks Nin for the report!
  • When hovering over a item with a temporary proc enchantment (Hone, Poison Blade etc) the length of time left on the enchantment will display.
  • Improved logging around authentication.
  • Remediated a gap allowing players to circumvent the connection rules.
  • Resolved a long-standing edge case bug in Morloch's Revelry that caused the need for reset mid-bane.

Game Integrity

  • Default limit of 3 players per IP address implemented. Any households that exceed this limit will need to reach out to the staff. (Note: Over the last 6 months, this change will not impact to 99.9% of players)
  • Additional layers of defense for players attempting to bot characters.


  • Many areas of the code have been refactored around serialization. Players will not notice much of a change here, however this will open doors for game improvements down the road.
  • Resolved an issue with a SQL Deadlock at server reboot.
  • Refactored various compilers types, job contains and effects.
  • Refactored elements of launcher and IP management.

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