Patch 3.4.1

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Patch 3.4.2

Patch 3.4.2
Bug Fixes

Patch 3-4-1

  • Rather large patch considering our more agile approach to game development these days. This was supposed to go in on Tuesday (10/9) but we found two issues last minute and had to rollback. You’re welcome for the extra runes.
  • Underlying framework for new gvg content. We’re very excited about this and want to get it right so look for an announcement for a live test weekend coming soon.
  • We are removing the limit on Sub Guilds that a Nation can have. There is no real point for this restriction anymore. Note: Mines may take a window or reset to reflect the appropriate tags.
  • We are also removing the limit on mines that a Nation can hold.
  • Stalk / Losing stealth. Changed the stack rules for Stalk and Sneak so that the end of Stalk doesn’t remove Sneak in those circumstances that players cast Stalk first and then Sneak. Open to feedback on this one. (Thank you to Mithras, Skoot, and a number of others for some of the testing and reports)
  • Gellegur’s Baleful Binding can no longer be cast on Players in a safehold (Thank you Arkanis for the report)
  • Using /who with level parameters no longer throws an error
  • Fixed several class casting issues related to melee combat (should help with sync)
  • Cleaned-up and improved logging on a number of classes. This won’t lead to anything in-game that feels “better,” but getting us more detail in the log files helps us fix errors. Denzel voice > “It’s not about what you know, it’s about what you can prove”
  • New Content?!?!? R7 Alchemist in Player Cities can now roll a Perfect Concoction Potion which grants +60s
  • More Content Tweaks!? Hotzone Resource drops now span the entire range of resources except Stone and Lumber. There is a distribution curve here that will still lean toward XPAC resources and Mithiril, but expect to see plenty of others. Additionally there is now a min / max component instead flat 10 or 15. This will help spread resources out in a more even distribution.
  • Attempted to fix a bug that opened mines up a different time than reflected on the Map

Patch 3-4-2

  • Exploit Update: Several individuals across ~100 accounts will find they are not able to login to game after reset. Thank you to all who reported to us that using a <space> after your account name could exploit the Multibox penalty (e.g. “Account _1”). This patch stops that. If you find your account is no longer accessible because of this change, please DM myself or Malant in Discord. Be prepared to explain yourself.
  • Reverted a performance change to AoEs that caused our false start on 3-4-1. Will continue to work with this as we continue to tweak some of the most used spells at banes.

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