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The December 2006 Content Patch (patch 18) was added to Shadowbane on December 20th, 2006.

General Changes
  • Added Mana Recovery and Alacrity to the Greater Concoction Potion
  • Equipment with a buff on it will no longer show the buff when it expires
  • Buffed Equipment will now show countdown timers
  • A 'Remove Friend' option has been added to the Friend List Interface
  • Made various improvements to the performance of the chat system
  • Groups are now automatically created upon inviting someone instead of having to create the group first and then inviting another player to it
  • Mouse-overs now work on the Hotbar
  • Fixed an issue with the World Map Options causing the client to crash
  • Increased Ithriana's Min and Max damage as well as her attack rating
City & Siege
  • All items crafted by Hirelings have been reduced to have a 10 minute creation process with the exception of Bane Scrolls which will remain the same
  • Only Buildings of War can now be dropped during an active Bane
  • Defenders can now place more Buildings of War
  • A city must now have a Rank 6 Tree of Life to have the maximum amount of Siege Spires
  • Reduced the Maintenance Costs of Bulwarks to 64,000 gold
Racial Changes
  • The Half Giant Stun Immunity will no longer overwrite the Barbarian Rage Stun Immunity
Class Changes
  • Healers now receive a new Power at Level 2 called Contagion; it inflicts Disease Damage Over Time and only works against Mobiles
  • Thieves can now undertake the Blade Master Discipline
  • The Secondary Effects of the Warlock Powers Dull the Mind and Dull the Body are now flagged as Debuffs

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