Leveling Characters 1-35

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WIP.png "Leveling Characters 1-35" is a work in progress.
The information below may be incomplete and/or inaccurate!

Now that you've created your first character, it's time to begin leveling!

This guide will take you through the process of getting your character from level 1 to level 35 using a specific adventuring path. This is not guaranteed to be the fastest or the easiest path, but meant to help you learn the game.

Note: As of patch 1.5, all characters now begin at level 10 with 5,000 gold in their inventories!

Basic Controls


The first major difference you will notice is that you cannot move with "WASD". Shadowbane uses a click-to-move system, where you will right-click on the ground to make your character move in that direction. This may feel a little strange, especially if you are coming from another third-person game, but it becomes easier as you get used to it.

When traveling longer distances, you can even use your minimap. Right-click on the minimap to move your character in that direction.


To target something, you can simply click on it. This is easy in a quiet town, but in combat, most players embrace the targeting hotkeys.


Your first step is to visit the appropriate class trainer and promote to a prestige class. You can tell which NPCs are class trainers by their titles (e.g. Thomas, Master Assassin).

To easily find the appropriate trainer, use the semicolon (;) and comma (,) keys to cycle your target through nearby NPCs. When you find the one you want, look closely at the minimap to see where it is standing. Go and interact with the


To interact with an NPC, make sure they are both nearby and selected. Either double-click on the NPC or press the "utilize selected" hotkey (default: U). Interacting with or using inventory items uses the same hotkeys.


Once you have promoted to your chosen class, its time to equip a set of armor. Find the nearby armorsmith and weaponsmith. Interact with them and ask to see their wares. When you scroll through their list, you will notice most of the items have red names. This means that your character cannot equip those items.


To enter combat mode, press C. You will notice your character takes a combat stance.

To make click-to-move easier, your character will automatically run towards a target you wish to attack.

More Useful Hotkeys

  • S = "Self" Player Information
  • K = Focus Lines and available trains
  • P = Powers/Spells
  • C = Combat Mode Toggle
  • I = Inventory
  • E = Equipped Items
  • CtrlA = Attack
  • F = Attack Toggle
  • W = Who menu
  • T = Tell
  • R = Reply to previous tell
  • M = World Map
  • N = Toggle Names
  • CtrlN = Toggle Shields (Guild Tags)
  • Z = Toggle Sit/Stand
  • Page Up/Down = Fly Up or Down a Tier

These keys can be rebound by pressing Esc, Options, Hotkeys. Additionally, most UI elements that you can click on, such as powers, can be bound by Ctrl+Click and selecting "assign hotkey".

Adventuring Path

Levels 10-15

The first milestone for your character is level 15. At level 15, your stances are unlocked.

Levels 16 to 25

Levels 26 to 35

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