Barbarian Clan

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Factionhold: Brakkolumbir
Guild Ranks:
  • Barbarian
  • Skald
  • Raider
  • Karl
  • Jarl1
  • Chieftain2
  • Thane2
Overview: Brutal clans of Northmen bent on plunder, loot, and glory.

Narrative: The frozen wastes of the Utter North are home to a tall, fair breed of men, known and feared throughout the world for their great strength and savage tempers. Called "barbarians" by the enlightened nations of the South, the Northmen hold as much contempt for the weak mud farmers of the warmer climes as the southerners do for them. The Northmen believe that they are the first sons of the All-Father, His strongest children, and therefore the masters of the world and everything in it. These beliefs drive the barbarians to endless raiding and plunder, and battle is a way of life to them. While the Northmen acknowledge the All-Father as their creator, they do not worship him (He never answers prayers, after all, so why pray to him?). Obsessed with the ordeal of survival in their harsh homeland, the Northmen venerate the natural forces that can bring them prosperity or a quick death: Cold, Storms, the Sun, and the Spirits of their Ancestors. Although they know nothing of reading and writing, the Northmen possess a rich oral tradition of legends and sagas, and their craftsmen can produce works of art with a beauty that matches their maker's brutality. Northmen value honesty, skill, strength, and glory in battle above all things. Their feuds with the Giants and Minotaurs are legendary.

1 Denotes that only Members of a Guild that controls a City-State (or higher) can obtain this rank.
2 Denotes that only Members of a Guild that controls a Nation can obtain this rank.