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Are you afraid? Do not lie, for I can smell the tang of terror on you. You fear the wolf: this needs no apology. But why have you sought us out? Are you not content to be merely a man, self-proclaimed master of the world, despoiler of nature's bounty? Are two legs not enough for you?

If you would run with our packs, know this: that the great design for the world had been unmade, and fate itself has unraveled. Treachery and treason have plagued it from the very beginning, starting with the All-Father himself and his rebellion against the rightful masters of the world. Do I speak heresy? Does this offend you? Run then, and fetch a Templar, so that he might burn me at the stake. But let him be careful, lest I eat his black heart.

You still are here. Good. You have courage enough to stand firm before the Beast. Now we shall see if you have the strength and wisdom needed to run with our packs. The ways of Men are evil, and the All-Father's great experiment has failed - the shattering of the worlds is proof enough of that. All nature groans under the iron heel of Man. The forests die so that more farms can leech the light out of the land, and the cities teem with dirty masses of humanity. The All-Father set men above beasts, completely outside the natural order. When there are too many sheep or deer, what keeps their numbers in check? The wolf. The time has come for there to be a culling of men. The culling is beyond the strength of any mere beast; only the deadliest predator will suffice for the task.

Are you still afraid? No? Then listen to the high song of the Beast in your blood, and let the light of the moon set your soul afire. Run with us, hunt with us, and join our pack. If you can.

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