Wanford Town

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Map of Wanford Town

Greetings, traveler. You have come to Wanford Castle, bastion of the Holy Church and protector of these lands. Here was writ the great Creed that bound the wayward faiths of Men, Elves, and Horselords into one mighty Church. The light they kindled so long ago still shines against the darkness. Be at peace here -- rest yourself, seek out arms and supplies, or better yourself through instruction and prayer. The bishop has ordained that all who combat the forces of Chaos and Darkness shall be welcome in these walls.

- Alonso, Runemaster of Wanford

Wanford Town (or just Wanford) is a starting safe hold unique to Dalgoth.


Wanford is located on Haven Isle (commonly referred too Newbie Isle). All new characters on Dalgoth will begin play there. It is surrounded by five hamlets:

Available Services

Role in the Lore