Hamlet of Fort Baelin

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Map of Galmord

Hail to thee! Welcome to Fort Baelin. The Crusaders in Wanford Castle raised these stockades after the Turning, and for years Baelin has served as their staging ground for incursions against the evil things that dwell in the Outlands. Recent months have been cruel, however, and the forces that once defended the fort have been called away. The last attacks have been hard indeed, as you can see. We need stout hearts and keen blades to keep up the defense. Are you up to the challenge?

- Baelin, Runemaster of the Hamlet of Baelin

Hamlet of Baelin is a starting zone safe hold unique to the Dalgoth mapset.


Hamlet of Baelin is located on Haven Isle to the northwest.

Class Trainer Availability

Hamlet of Baelin is home to a Healer, Fighter, Mage, and Rogue trainer.