Hamlet of Kestamir

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Map of Kestamir

Hail, traveler, and welcome! You stand now in the center of Kestamir, a new bastion against the troubles of this age. Only months ago, noble Centaurs from Therikos Senn built this place to help defend Wanford Castle from the foul folk and hideous beasts that dwell in the Outlands. Take rest here, provision yourself, and then join the crusade!

- Mithras, Runemaster of the Hamlet of Kestamir

Hamlet of Kestamir is a starting zone safe hold unique to the Dalgoth mapset.


Hamlet of Kestamir is located on Haven Isle to the northwest.

Class Trainer Availability

Hamlet of Kestamir is home to a Healer, Fighter, Mage, and Rogue trainer.