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  • Morloch's Revelry (anti-zerg mechanic) has been reworked to incorporate community feedback as well as removed methods players were using to circumvent the mechanic.
    • Crashers will be slain after 20 seconds of entering the grid while a bane buff is active.
    • A warning message is generated over the Siege channel to inform the player they should retreat from the area.
    • Characters with a multi-box debuff are now treated as crashers, only bring one character to a bane.
    • Scanning Frequency has been reduced from 5 minutes to 5 seconds, a data model is used to determine the buff based on a larger 15 minute window populated every 5 seconds. This means no more drastic swings in calculations for players dropping tags, entering or exiting the grid.
    • Crashers will only be slain if the minimum requirements for the bane buff are met. In smaller bane encounters, all characters will be in an unmodified state.

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