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Patch 4.5.0

Patch 4.5.0 is a large patch, focused around promoting a healthy political landscape, anti-zurg measures, adjustments in Raidstone rewards coupled with a large mob AI rework. The mob AI reworks will allow us to re-implement R8 encounters in the near future.


Banes & Assets

  • Morloch's Revelry (anti-zerg mechanic) has been significantly modified.
  • Raidstones System has been modified, including delays for R1 & R2 Stones, as well as introducing a Defender Reward & Rebate system.
  • Resolved Siege Spells altering unrelated building resists (Demolishing Spell)

Mob AI Refactor

  • Mobiles rubber-banding greatly improved.
  • Mobiles now recall when out of range.
  • Mobiles now correctly select designed spells.
  • Pets now correctly show on client if dead or out of range.
  • Pets following greatly improved.

Server Performance

  • Refactored portions of the code around bonuses, performance improvement expected at large scale.

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Next Version: 4.6.0
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